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The Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 ADVERTISEMENT

Wearing replica watches can be a lot like cosplay ?you feel different by sheer virtue of the fake watch you wear on your wrist. Maybe slapping an orange-dial Doxa gives you the full Cousteau experience (extra points for the red hat), or perhaps you're going for the full Victorian effect, complete with pocket fake watch and monocle. The Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 falls squarely into the category of making you feel like you, but better.

It's the full embodiment of the 1920s, both from an aesthetic point of view, and a cultural one. Even its very name is a bit deceptive ?a hallmark of the "roaring" decade.

VC has been releasing this historically significant model in one iteration or another since 2009. This is the kind of fake watch that's just special. The moment you hold it in your hand and strap to your wrist, you feel it ?which is what makes it the perfect fake watch for A Week On The Wrist.

A Roaring Historical Interlude

This year marks the 100th anniversary of this particular slanted dial design ?sort of. The American 1921 is a celebration of a fake watch model from 1921, which itself was a revision ?or improvement ?of a similar fake watch design from 1919 (the year the Black Sox threw the World Series ?though I still maintain Shoeless Joe is innocent). The 1921 model, with its cushion case, slanted dial and stylized numerals was produced in limited quantities for the American market ?hence the name.

The 1919 model shared a similar function but had a decidedly different form than the 1921. It featured thick, blocky numerals with an equally imposing handset. The American, on the other hand, featured a more refined look ?fit to party in a tux as much as it was for driving gloves behind the wheel. Interestingly, examples of the 1921 reference 11677 show a fake watch with a leftward tilt whereas the original took a rightward tilt.

So while this marks the centennial of the 1921 model, it more represents a combination of two replica watches from the Vacheron vault. You've got styling of the 1921, paired with the 1919's rightward lean. And now the case comes in white gold.

Now that we've gone full-pedant on the origin story of the American 1921, let's talk about what it is ?and why it is.

As the third decade of the 20th century came to life, the automobile emerged as a true tool for travel and for sport. The car changed everything ?simultaneously creating the congested urban landscape we live in today and accelerating suburbanization as the urban crowd found they could now commute to and from the city. With this new automotive tool came (inadvertently) a new kind of wristwatch ?a tool watch. When Vacheron produced the 1921, it caught the attention of a certain car-loving (nay, passionate) consumer.

As it turns out, replica watches like this one could be easily read with hands on the steering wheel ?hence the slant. As you begin to mime your hands on an invisible steering wheel and think to yourself "I don't get it," you have to realize that, back in those old days, people didn't drive with their hands at 10 o'clock and two o'clock (the steering wheel was far too large). It was more bus driver-y in orientation, i.e. seven and five. This meant the fake watch was worn on the underside of the wrist.

In reality, the slanted dial was helpful even if you weren't behind the wheel. You can imagine someone like Jay Gatsby (he's only fictional if you tell yourself that) in his Rolls-Royce, driving gloves, and a slanted Vacheron.

Who knows how many aristocrats actually drove cars with this fake watch ?but a lucky few took ownership of one of the most timeless replica watches ever made. In fact, it recently came to light ?via Vacheron's own heritage and style director, Christian Selmoni ?that whole idea that the 1921 was designed as a driving fake watch is no more than a myth. Cars aside, when you really think about it, the Historiques American 1921 is the embodiment of modern wristwatch design ?and it was devised over a century ago. It stands shoulder to shoulder with the Replica Rolex Oyster as one of the most influential replica watches ever. If you take the slanted dial out of the equation, it really spearheaded what would become (and remains to be) conventional fake watch design language.

A Week On The Wrist

Since small replica watches are where it's at nowadays (says me), I decided to take the 36.5mm variant for a spin.

This fake watch is ridiculous in every way. Surely, nobody actually uses this as a driving tool anymore ?so I figured I'd put it through its paces via another activity fitting for the roaring era: Golf.

This particular size variant, one of two novelties unveiled by Vacheron (36.5mm and 40mm) at replica watches and Wonders 2021 features the same classic cushion case design, crown at the corner of the case, wavy Breguet style numerals in a lacquer application, and grain effect silver-tone dial.

The white-gold case is polished basically everywhere, which jives with its classical appeal. I applaud Vacheron for not updating this fake watch with brushed surfaces. On the underside of the case is an exhibition caseback providing a window to the hand-wound calibre 4400 AS. The display back is wide, giving a full view of the movement. In fact this looks much better on the 36mm variants than the larger 40mm model. The movement features 65 hours of power reserve, beats at a 4 Hz frequency and is a really impressive 2.8mm thick allowing the fake watch itself to keep its svelte profile.

While this is assuredly a faithful recreation of the Vacherons of 1920s-America, there are some subtle differences unique to this modern variant that separate it from its vintage forebears.

First up is the dial text. This is generally the first place you'll always see differences in modern replica watches paying homage to vintage pieces. fake watch companies rarely, if ever, augment their logos just to make a 1:1 remake. But it does happen. In fact Vacheron did it this year with a Historique 1921 piece unique. On this new 1921, we have the applied Vacheron logo, and wordmark. The older models didn't have the logo and instead spelled out "Vacheron & Constantin."

You probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

Alright, well, look closely at the dial and tell me if you see it. Raise your hand if you spotted it. Yes, the main dial surface is slanted as always, but look down at the subsidiary seconds dial. On this new model, it's applied sans slant, which doesn't exactly comport with the whole hands-on-the-steering-wheel vibe. You have to slant your head to read the running seconds. As strange as that is, it makes me like this fake watch even more because of it. It's the kind of detail that zags from the original but brings with it the same carefree attitude as the era it pays homage to.

The fake watch is usually fitted to a dark brown vintage-effect strap. Don't get me wrong, that strap looks nice, but I just felt that the fake watch could use just a little something extra. I took the liberty of pairing the 36mm variant with the McBride fake watch Strap in Light Grey from the HODINKEE shop. It simultaneously managed to dress the fake watch down but also bring out its design features due to the contrast.

The new American 1921 is fit for a black tie or for the back nine. While spending a week with this fake watch I really floored it with the old-timey gold attire, complete with hat, wingtip golf shoes, sweater vest, and a wooden putter. I took it with me for two separate rounds on two different courses. The fake watch was very much in its element. And while I could have tested its bona fides wearing it while driving a golf cart ?I stayed true to period form and walked.

The white gold gives the fake watch a certain understated sporty look. As the days went on, and I wore it more, I contemplated the notion of making a fake watch like this my daily. I wouldn't advise this to be anyone's only fake watch ?the poor water resistance is where I draw the line (not to mention the $30,400 price tag for the 36.5mm variant) ?but I wouldn't knock anyone for doing so.

There's a certain purity in design, a timelessness that's kept this fake watch on my mind long after having to send it back.

The Competition The Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 Piece Unique

Yes, I went there. It doesn't get more meta than a head-to-head showdown of two replica watches that are, for all intents and purposes, the same. That is, until you dig a lot deeper. Unlike the 2021 novelties, this version is an actual full-blown 1:1 recreation, as touched on earlier. The dial text, layout, case ?you name it ?are all the same. Why? Because Vacheron could and because that is the whole point in making this. This fake watch is the perfect "What if we ? that any brand can do. It not only looks identical but was made only using materials available to construct the fake watch back in the 1920s. This fake watch isn't even for sale as of the time of writing. So in terms of any price comparison ?this one's priceless.

Longines Avigation Type A-7 1935

This is where things get interesting. Longines, as a brand, is uniquely positioned. It has the name recognition, and it's also firing on all cylinders when it comes to its heritage collection of timepieces. One such piece is this Avigation Type A-7 1935. The crown position and dial slant are pretty much the only things this fake watch has in common with the American 1921. For starters, this is an homage to an aviation watch. Longines has a rich brand heritage of its own and the fact that a fake watch like this exists at a sub-$4,000 price point is enough to pique my interest.

The Cartier Privé Collection Tank 'Asymétrique'

Not all asymmetrical dials are equal. In this case (literally), we find that the signature Cartier rectangular shape has gone full parallelogram. Both Cartier and Vacheron are brands cut from the same Art Deco cloth, bringing about the modern wristwatch we recognize to this day. Lovers of the classic Tank are surely to find this one interesting. In addition to an asymmetrical dial, you also get an asymmetrical case. Much the same way that the American 1921 gives a unique spin on the dress fake watch aesthetic ?so too does this watch, and at a similar price point. In yellow gold this one will set you back $26,400.

Concluding Thoughts

The Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 isn't a one-trick pony. Far from it. But at its heart, it's a dress watch. With its slender case and 36.5mm diameter it's pretty much perfect in that department. Let's be honest ?we don't wear dress replica watches that often, so if we're going to have one, we might as well make it count.

The Historiques American 1921 is the kind of fake watch you wish you could wear more because you want to talk someone's ear off about it. It's a classic design because of its history but ?at the same time ?it's a little bit sporty.

This is a fake watch that's a little bit crazy, a little bit left-of-center, and, well, a little bit drunk. In the market for a dress fake watch that's working just as hard from a movement standpoint as it is in design? Look no further, old sport.

Photos by Kasia Milton & Greyson Korhonen

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